Redi Tlhabi Show 2011-11-07 Medical Aid and Medical Services
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Hello Redi,
to your current MEDICAL (AID) topic:
I wonder why most animals are more healthy than most people - especially the wild (not domesticated) animals!

Which brings me to the 2nd point:
We have to OBSERVE NATURE to live more healthy lives!!!
I have said it before and I will not stop saying it, until I am heard, that MILLIONS could be saved and spent much more wisely, with far less dramatic effects on the patients' stress levels, health situation, pain and suffering and their pocket, as well as the medical aids and the whole MEDICAL SYSTEM.
- However it is _NOT_ALLOWED_ (by law) to use effective and cheaper methods helping peoples health situations.
The Minister of HEALTH, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi and his whole ministry seem not to have woken up from hibernation either, as I have been trying to get through to him since 2011-02-15, which by now is almost 9 (NINE) MONTHS !!!
What on earth are they doing in that ministry?
As THIS IS A MATTER OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE, I think I have EVERY REASON to be heard by him, so we can discuss the problems at hand, but so far I see NO INTEREST IN THE NATIONAL HEALTH, from his side or the ministry.

As a matter of fact: Hospitals are as inefficient as they where before and the shortage of doctors is still there, as long as they are rendering ineffective services by the numbers. Why can they not be used in a much more efficient way.

Please also see my last try:

In the meantime "IGNORANCE reigns" all the way in many government ministries and departments …