Redi Tlhabi Show 2011-10-26 - Nutrition / Overweight and Obesity
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Hello Redi,

on the topic of NUTRITION / OVERWEIGHT and OBESITY, I am in agreement with Thalia, from a nutritional aspect, I could perhaps add STRESS as one of the problems, too !!
This includes WORK and SCHOOL STRESS, but also ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSES, like Geopathic Stress and Electro(magnetic) Stress.
The problem is that STRESS affects all the cells in the body and can cause many problems, from DIGESTION PROBLEMS (due to the metabolism slowing down) to a lack of CONCENTRATION of SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.
We have been helping many people with problems like these.

Yes, STRESS is there and we will have to learn to overcome it or omit it !!
The earlier we start the better.

How true are the following:
"Show me what you eat and I tell you who you are!"
"Show me where you sleep and I will tell you about your health and problems!"
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- - - Get well - stay healthy !! - - -