Redi Tlhabi Show 2011-10-24 Consumer & Health Issues (Electrical Safety)
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For a few years now I could not care less if a product has an SABS mark or not, as I regard it an irrelevant the way they are TESTING products and regulating the use/sale of these. Many (UNSAFE) products still slip past and onto the shelves of the shops.
Let's only look at the ELECTRIC BLANKETS:
All of which are said to be safe and some of them even tested by the UK Health Department - ha ha ha !!!

The switches on many of these are not switching the LIVE wire as it is supposed to be, but the NEUTRAL, which is the wrong phase. mostly this can be traced back to a wiring problem of the plug. However it still will function exactly the same for most of the users and even the SABS, there is a REAL HUGE SAFETY DIFFERENCE regarding the EMF/EMR of such a device which is really CRITICAL on the body of the person sleeping on that ELECTRIC BLANKET, whether it is actually switched ON or OFF, the ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION is about the same when the phases are incorrectly connected and only the NEUTRAL wire is switched. This is why I strongly request the use of a DOUBLE POLE SWITCH, switching both wires. This alone would save a few problems - at least of the people switching their ELECTRIC BLANKET off before retiring to bed - as it is supposed to be - and NOT SLEEP ON AN OPERATING ELECTRIC BLANKET and exposing themselves to high amounts of ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, which still get superimposed and AMPLIFIED in the STEEL COIL SPRING MATTRESS.

It is a DISGRACE from the SABS as well as from the Ministry of Health, that there are no more stringent regulations on these HEALTH AFFECTING products and practices !!!

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