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Aubrey Masango:

Nolwazi Tusini is my guest on the Youth feature tomorrow morning on TalkRadio 702 and 567 CapeTalk from 00h05 to 01h00. She's a 25year old blogger, poet and Radio Producer. She shares her insights on the issues of Stigma, Death and HIV/AIDS. Don't miss this one.After 01h00 we open the lines and talk about everything you want to talk about.
TalkRadio 702 and 567 CapeTalk.

Our Response:

… as posted on the Facebook page of Aubrey Masango (2012-12-06, ±00:30)

Interesting show, Aubrey,

good to getting Nolwazi Tunisi to speak!
HIV/AIDS is very important, but nothing compared to what is coming our way with all the WIRELESS GADGETS - from Wireless Communication Devices of all kind !!!

I know, that I a ready sound like a 'STUCK RECORD', but this information is SO IMPORTANT - let's call it OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE, and yet, it is still ignored by Radio 702 and the press in general, as well as by the medics and the Ministry/Department of Health itself!
As Electromagnetic Radiation is GENOTOXIC and NEUROTOXIC, it directly affects our whole body and nerves, so it also affects our MOODS and HORMONES and weakens the Immune System at the same time.

In the very near future, if the MEDICS are continuing to IGNORE this THREAT, they WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HIT THEM !!!
They are struggling already with all kinds of Underlying (and hidden) Causes to various illnesses and this is just getting WORSE by the day!

Please see:


Let's give yo some other Reference:

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Kind regards