OVERNIGHT LIVE: 2012-12-06 Depression
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In connection with a caller reaching for HELP:

… as posted on the Facebook page of OVERNIGHT LIVE (2012-12-06, ±02:30)

Hello Aubrey,

Claire has a problem the MEDICS cannot solve !!!
CHEMICALS Will not do the trick - she had just said that !
She was on most of these drugs - if not all of them!

Einstein said: "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is MADNESS !"
[See: Einstein - Definition of Insanity]

We have to test her Environment and make sure it is FREE from RADIATION of all kinds.
If she is in Pretoria I will do it FREE OF CHARGE for her!

Kind regards

I can understand her problem!

For her, having been going through 25 years of 'TORTURE' by the medics - without actual help - Something must be WRONG BIG TIME !! (But not with her, but the medics' treatments!!)

Any suggestions I have…

TEST her Home for Environmental Problems and once her problems are sorted out, she will be better within 3 - 6 MONTHS !


As I said on live radio just now:
I will TEST her home for Free if she lives in Pretoria.


As I said on live radio just now, I will put it IN WRITING again and challenge any medic, psychologist/psychiatrist - right up to the Minister of Health, himself, to prove me WRONG !

RADIATION is genotoxic and neurotoxic and messes with your whole body, inclusive of the Endocrine System, Immune System, Brain, Nerves, Heart Rhythm and many more. It is like a Multi-Front War !!
- This is why the medics are mostly clue less. This is nothing I am sucking out of my thumb, but state from a Research Report, which I am currently translating from German.
It doe NOT HELP, to just administer MEDICATION (more CHEMICALS) to try solve a problem with messed up chemicals in the brain already!

Kind regards
(signed) Peter Heindl