Midday Report 2012-10-02 GM Food
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Today (2012-10-02), some guy from Grain SA has been praising GMO (maize) over everything on live Radio 702 at 'Midday Report' - however from his comments I could hear that he has NO CLUE what he was actually talking about.
He also said that food prices would increase, if non GMO products would be used. Then he continued that by spraying the crops a better harvest can be ensured.
- - - EXCUSE ME ??? Was GMO not intended to use less spraying or none at all?
- I think he was just telling us yet another FAERIE TALE !!

Using words like "I think" - a few times, are no FACTS at all, but only opinions !!

What would happen if I would say: "I think the snow is green" ?
- That's no FACT !

We need much more FACTS to get the attention of the people, so that they can STOP buying GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foodstuffs !



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