Letters to TalkRadio 702 Management 2013-06-05 - Advert to use Electric Blankets
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Open Letter

Dear Radio702 & Management,

instead of WARNING your listeners about the DAMAGES from Electromagnetic Pollution/Radiation - you are STILL MOTIVATING THEM TO IRRADIATE themselves further !!!

Have you all been BRAINWASHED BY YOUR Advertisers already ?

I suppose a formal Complaint to the BCCSA is in order !

Please pull this MISLEADING Advert done by Dr. Eve: "Not using Air Conditioners or Heaters, but rather using an Electric Blanket", WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, unless you state the FULL TRUTH !!

*Saving Electricity ON BEHALF OF YOUR HEALTH is a LIE if not FRAUD, too !!

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(Source: ASASA)

  • Misleading claims
    Advertisements should not contain any statements or visual presentations, which directly or by implication, omission, ambiguity or exaggeration is likely to mislead consumers.
  • Safety
    Advertisements should not without justifiable reason, show any dangerous practices or situations.
  • Honesty
    Advertisements should be honest and not abuse consumer’s trust or lack of knowledge.
  • Substantiation of claims
    Advertisers should have available acceptable proof of all factual claims made in advertising.

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