JCW 2013-05-20 13h00-14h00
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Hello Jenny,
it would be a real CHALLENGE, to make up on the QUALITY OF FOOD for flights, as this would push up costs even more.

However, Mango has NO CHANCE IN LIFE, to make up for the the physical damages, caused to UNSUSPECTING PASSENGER'S/CUSTOMER'S bodies, by their "In-Flight Wi-Fi" !!
- Exposing people to HARMFUL MICROWAVE RADIATION, is just CRIMINAL !!!

Hello Jenny,
just keep on feeding your listeners ONE-SIDED and CENSORED INFORMATION, with HALF TRUTHS !!
One day, even they will WAKE-UP, too !!
I just hope it is not too late by then!

More of these ACTIONS will follow, as I am SICK AND TIRED of one-sided information and brainwashing tactics by Radio 702. Calls are not accepted and if they are I have no chance to state my case on air.
I also get no responses to posts, eMails and SMS.