JCW 2012-08-05 15h00-16h00 "Learning Problems and Mood Disorders"
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Guest: Dr. Sandy Gluckman, medical doctor

As posted on the Talk Radio 702 Facebook page (2012-08-05, ±15:38)

Leigh Benny interviewing Dr. Sandy Gluckman, on your show (JCW Show, 15:00 - 16:00), has given some excellent views and tips.

I just want to CONGRATULATE Dr. Sandy Gluckman, on her input and guidance, for seeing the things as they are and not jumping the gun, like many other doctors.

- Most medics just hand you a towel (give MEDICATION), to dry yourself off with, instead of focussing on the running shower (the underlying {ENVIRONMENTAL} PROBLEMS causing the conditions) !!

Remark for the JCW Show, Leigh Bennie standing in !!

2012-08-05 (15h05 - )
To the topic of: "Learning Problems and Mood Disorders"


According to the latest research there is a LINK of various ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS to ADD and ADHD and many other "Symptoms' which are to be treated.

Why not thread the ACTUAL CAUSE - without ant MEDICATION ???
- Problem is as long as the CHEMICAL INDUSTRY is behind it things will not really get better !!
- Normally there is not ONE PROBLEM that is causing the problems, but a collection of them.

I agree with the doctor, that the body can heal itself!!

Problem is only that the body needs the right 'climate' and time to do so, which is NOT possible in RADIATION INFESTED AREAS, also linked to …

  • Inflammations in the digestive system
  • Brain Imbalances (electrical and chemical)
  • Concentration Problems
  • Diabetes and Obesity
  • Candida (Albicans) and Fungal Problems (in body and home)
  • Over-medication, especially with Antibiotics
  • and others …

Other related and linked ILLNESSES:

For SOLUTIONS, please have a look at the following:

and also:

The whole person has to be looked at and more, like the ENVIRONMENT from which the person is surrounded by, as this affects the whole being and all living cells (from human, animals and plants), alike.