JCW 2011-12-29 13:30-14:15 New Year's Resolutions ('Energy Savers')
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Guest: Dr. Eduard Wolff, clinical psychologist

As posted on the Talk Radio 702 Facebook page (2011-12-29, 14:15)

Hello Quereshini, Dr. Eddie Wolff, the psychologist on your show (JCW, 14:00), has given some excellent tips but does not seem to have a clue what the actual ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of 'Energy Savers' is !!!
Yes, they do save ENERGY - however they have a much HIGHER ENERGY FIELD in form of radiation and at a certain frequency, too.
From an ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ASPECT this is not acceptable at all - especially in bedrooms or in close proximity to people, animals and plants!!

You don't have to believe me - please find out for yourself:
"Saving ENERGY - paying with YOUR HEALTH !!!"

Please read more about the so called 'Energy Savers'.

- The effects of RADIATION.
Electro Pollution and EMF/EMR can cause severe depression and even end in suicide.
If you don't believe this, please have a look at Case Studies.