702: JCW 2011-01-24 (15h00-16h00) Stress in Children
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Stress in Children

On the Jenny Crwys-Williams Show today (2011-01-24, 15h00 ~ 16:00), where Aki Anastasiou was leading an interesting discussion with Dr. Sandy Gluckman about STRESS in Children and how unsuspecting parents can actually help their children, giving a whole lot of revelations for most of the listeners.
Eventually somebody else is coming out with the truths that many illnesses could be helped when the right measures are taken.

There where many inputs (herewith just some of the more important and related problems):

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Child Developmental Problems
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Hidden (unidentified) parasites / food allergens / toxins / bacteria / fungi
  • Vitamin Deficit
  • Concentration Issues
  • (Chronic) Tiredness
  • Therapy Resistance / Treatment Resistance
  • Ritalin usage - Between 80% - 90% of the children being on Ritalin do not actual need it.

I just cannot agree more with all the above, and can even mention another few eye-openers to the already long list, above.
[This is as far as I remember it, to get the exact details, I would first have to listen to the talk again.]

There was also a problem involving 3 children in the same family. The question from the caller then was could that be true?

Yes, most certainly it can be true in severe cases it could even involve the whole family (all members) and even the pets can be exposed to these problems.
The revelation of all the above problems was nothing really new to me though, having had various such cases in the past 18 years (since 1993). To take matters further I would not be surprised at all to change most of the above mentioned problems from 1 day to 3 months - most of them without any medication!

As for the chemical imbalances found in the brains of the children (and also adults!) I could already give a hint to checkout homes (by doing an investigation) for Geopathic Stress related problems and also EMF/EMR especially from Cellphones, W-LAN devices, electric blankets - especially in connection with coil spring mattresses and other electronic gadgets - or just an extension cord or a wire in the wall from the house wiring as these culprits have also been linked to effect the BBB (Blood-Brain Barrier).

  • Another important issue would be to test the environmental problems in every house and even prevent most of the problems before they even start!

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