2013-10-31 (21h00-00h00) Strokes - Prof. Girish Modi
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Interesting talk, by Prof. Girish Modi, on Talk-at-Nine, interviewed by Aubrey Masango
however when he told us that we have a going rate of 240 STROKE CASES country-wide per day, out of a population of 49 Million, that was not even the worst news, however when he said that the age of most of these patients is going towards the youth, that made me listen up!
Having been actively involved in Electromagnetic Scene since before 1993, teaching people about the effects of electromagnetic pollution all along, this was deeply disturbing!
That's when I called Prof. Modi in Studio, telling him about the direct LINK between Electromagnetic Pollution/Influences, like Wi-Fi and Strokes, which he vehemently denied to have any relation whatsoever!

Listen to the MP3 Sound Track, for yourself!

We tend to differ !

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This is for Wi-Fi only, not even including any other EMF problems !!

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. . . do we need to carry on Prof. Girish Modi ???



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