2012-12-27 Health Impacts of DVB-T (Digital TV)
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Ray White standing in for John Robbie.

The writing is up against the wall !!

The question should no longer be IF, but WHEN you will get sick from these technological devices … - thus, just a matter of TIME !

Response to the 702 Radio Discussion about DVB-T

Hello Ray,

interesting show at a more reasonable time … ;-)

Can I remark that DVB-T and DVB-T2 is not only GOLD than blinks, except perhaps for the operators trying to cashing in …
As DVB-T already runs at speeds of 22Mbps you can basically compare this to 4G/LTE. DVB-T2 runs at even higher speed which has an even higher effect on the environment!
We have seen the change from cellphone technology from GSM to 3G and we will see more problems from 3G to 4G/LTE !!
- The Cellphone Companies are pulling the wool over our eyes !!
They are ONLY telling us about the GOOD THINGS and not a single word about the NEGATIVE IMPACT their 'new technology' has on the environment. - No not only the HUMANS, but also on ANIMALS and PLANTS !! They tell us 1/2 truths and even outright LIES !!

The very same goes for those new 'glorified' (WIRELESS/IP over Mails Line) 'Smart' (Prepaid) Meters, which are also just being FORCED DOWN our THROATS - regardless what !!! 0 This is not only TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but also like an ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, according to various researchers around the world who have found serious HEALTH EFFECTS from these new technologies.

However there are SERIOUS HEALTH IMPLICATIONS, which NOBODY is telling is about. Everyone just is TOTALLY MUM about THIS !! The operators and government are telling us 1/2 TRUTH and even OUTRIGHT LIES !

Please do yourself a favour and GOOGLE for:
"Health Effects of DVB-T"

Health Implications of DVB-T Health Effects from DVB-T
Health Implications of DVB-T2 Health Effects from DVB-T2

Please also search for :
"Health Effects of Smart Meters"

Health Implications of Smart Meters Health Effects from 'Smart' Meters

While you at it, please also search for :
"Health Effects of '4G' / 'LTE'"

Health Implications of 4G Health Effects from '4G'
Health Implications of LTE Health Effects from 'LTE'

This is a serious HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE, and totally unconstitutional forcing everything down the throat of the consumer, causing SERIOUS BODILY HARM in the process. Yet the various Ministers - Health / Environment / Technology - the so called 'Guardians' of our Health are not speaking up at all! - They much rather stick their head in the sand and go for 'Ostrich Politics' !

- We are all just the Guinea Pigs of the Industry …


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