2012-11-30 21h00-00h00 'Obesity & Diabetes'
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Comment posted on Aubrey's Facebook wall:
(2012-11-30, 23:32)

Hello Aubrey,

I fully agree, OBESITY is a dilemma !!!
Diabetes, goes hand-in-hand with that, and that has already been confirmed by International Research.

However few people know that Electromagnetic Pollution/RADIATION has a DIRECT IMPACT on both the above HEALTH PROBLEMS, as EM Radiation is GENOTOXIC and NEUROTOXIC and this affects the genes (cells on a genetic level, DNA/RNA) and the Brain, Nerves, Nervous System, Endocrine System inclusive of the Hormones, which are directly responsible of the control of many Body functions, so you can basically expect ANYTHING to go hay-wire inside the body, as long as you are exposed to RADIATION.

Since we are however EXPOSED to ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION on a 24/365 basis these days, THIS is already slowly reaching EPIDEMIC STAGES, without the MEDICS actually seeing the hidden dangers.
The problems will be that people seemingly will become RESISTANT to MEDICATION and TREATMENTS. This will take effect UNTIL THE RADIATION IS REDUCED, or better - TOTALLY REMOVED !

Yet in stead of reducing any RADIATION Government does not curb the ROLL-OUT of even more and UNTESTED & UNSAFE TECHNOLOGY, to get more "TAX DOLLARS".
People demand the technology in a way, as they have been BRAIN-WASHED that it is all Gold shining at the other end!
- Hardly anybody talks about the DANGERS OF RADIATION, or how radiation could be minimised.

The effects of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) is like an octopus with HUNDREDS of tentacles grabbing hold of your HEALTH.

Please have a look: