2012-11-27 'Withdrawing a Case of Domestic Violence' vs. 'Water Fluoridation'
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In response to the topic you covered at about 08:00 this morning:

Hello John,

I would like to know how far "Freedom of Choice" actually goes, here in South Africa, which is now called a Democracy, or is this all but a JOKE? …
- People are discussing "Freedom of Choice" today, if it should be forbidden to withdraw a case of Domestic Violence laid with the police?
- Even the Minister is involved there and wants this to be written into LAW.

You wonder HOW, can I even compare these two with one another, as they have no common ground?

Well, they DO!
- What puzzles me is, where on Earth is our FREEDOM OF CHOICE, when it comes to all of our Health and Well-being - like in the case with Water Fluoridation, with all the HIGHLY TOXIC that come along with it, which have been forced down our throats for many years by now, by the the Government, or the Ministry of Health, to be more exact.

Where is the "Human Rights" Brigade, when you need them ???

Just have a LOOK, of what FLUORIDE actually does in your body, or should I say living organisms (human, animal and plant - alike)?

Well, just in case the above is not enough, what about the constant and ever increasing ONSLAUGHT of Electromagnetic Pollution we all have to endure 24/365 by all the Wireless Communication?

- Where are our Human Rights and Freedom of Choice here ???
- After all Electromagnetic Radiation is neurotoxic (affecting the Nerves, Brain and Nervous/Neurological System) and genotoxic (effecting the Genes / DNA/RNA

Hope this makes YOU and people THINK - … and perhaps even the Government to finally WAKE-UP !!

Kind regards


Water Fluoridation is a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION !!!

Fluoride is genotoxic, neurotoxic, cytotoxic and teratogenic

This is nothing short of an ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON !!!

… and the very same is TRUE for Electromagnetic Pollution, we are exposed to 24/365 !!!

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#Withdrawing a Case of '#Domestic #Violence' (Freedom of Choice) vs. #WaterFluoridation @702JohnRobbie See my Answ.: http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/702:2012-11-27-withdrawing-a-case-of-domestic-violence

Did you @702JohnRobbie just say the #SouthAfrican #TapWater is SAFE ??? Fluoride is genotoxic, neurotoxic, cytotoxic and teratogenic !!!

Dear @702JohnRobbie, #WaterFluoridation / #Fluoride is a #Human #Rights #Violation http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/water-fluoridation