702: 2012-06-28 21h00-00h00 "Alcohol and Tobacco"
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Twitter Response: (2012-06-28)

Original Message from ‏@Eusebius, giving the topic:

NEXT ON ‪#TALKATNINE‬ - Is the state too intrusive by wanting us to drink and smoke less?! @CapeTalk567 @Radio702

Messages from ‏@Geopathology

Just a summary of our posted Twitter messages, during the radio discussion:

@Eusebius Please, then see Alcohol & Drugs: http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/alcohol-and-dr … - AND what about 3rd parties ‪#WaterFluoridation‬ + #ElectromagneticRadiation

@Eusebius Banning Smoking, where ‪#ElectromagneticRadiation is much a larger problem than ‪#SMOKING‬ ever was and it is still growing daily!!

@Eusebius Please also Cross-Reference: ►Government's Mistakes◄ - - - http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/government-mis …, everything else is a compromise on Human Rights

@Eusebius Protecting the 3rd party - if ‪#RADIATION‬ has a HEALTH implication, as is proven more and more it is a ‪#HumanRights‬ + ‪#Health‬ Issue

@Eusebius Yet another ‪#Problem‬ is ‪#NoisePollution‬, by ‪#HOOTING‬ Taxis - all day long - and NOTHING is done about that! ‪#Noise‬ makes you ‪#SICK

#TalkAtNine‬: @Eusebius Since I don't get a chance to raise my important point on air, I will post it on my website! "Alcohol and Tobacco"

Looks like someone cannot take any inputs or other views "on radio" and not even "on Twitter" !

@Eusebius's account is protected.
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Meaning I have effectively been LOCKED-OUT for commenting !!!

@Eusebius Please read my input: http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/702:2012-06-28 …

What is the SA Government actually wanting to achieve?

Clamping down on Tobacco (Smoking) and Alcohol, which are apparently also harming people (inclusive of 3rd parties) - like it is the case with other issues relating to Water Fluoridation, Electromagnetic Pollution, Noise Pollution and others.
- The Police cannot even 'police' 'hooting' Taxis ! — This is absolutely ridiculous !

►►► What is very strange for me is … ◄◄◄

… that I am not allowed to talk on air (was blocked by the 'call screener' - as their current topic was "Alcohol" and "Tobacco", even if I just wanted to draw attention and compare it with another few problems which are even worse than the current topics - are also hazardous to people's HEALTH and LIVES, like Electromagnetic Radiation, Water Fluoridation - however these don't even get the needed attention.
- During the discussion, callers also mentioned Diabetes and Obesity. Now I wonder what these have to do with the topic of "Alcohol" and "Tobacco", then.
However Electromagnetic Radiation is linked to be causing and affecting Diabetes which is also linked to Obesity. On the end it is yet again to be blamed on RADIATION (Electro Pollution), which also affects the Metabolism and therefore also the Digestive System.