2011-11-16 21h00-00h00 Response of Councillor and MP (UK)
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Hello Kieno,
Ruth who moved to the UK and called your show just now.
She called the councillor of the area, who answered his own phone and she got an immediate appointment on the same day after 17h00. Then she also asked for the number the MP (Member of Parliament), which she also got and on calling him his secretary picked up and told her that she will get an appointment.
The next day she had a letter in the post with an answer.
This is the UK !!


In South Africa it takes 5 months of sending eMails calling to ministries' officials on their cellphones and landlines and going to the ministry, in person - getting no further than the front desk being asked to send an eMail!
Is this a JOKE???
Even after having posted an Open Letter on my website and sending it through to the minister, yet again it took less than a week short of another 4 MONTHS (or 9 MONTHS in TOTAL) to get a half way reasonable answer, but still nothing from the minister.
I still believe, that this is a TOTAL SCANDAL !!!
— I think that I am (and will be) much better off just going off to Europe, too. —