2011-11-14 21h00-00h00 Medical Services and Medical Aid
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Hello Kieno,

the doctor that said to his patient "if you continue working in your office you will die" - I wonder if the doctor actually meant the work the person is doing, or the ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS present in that office?
I can most certainly help to investigate such problems, even though the medics mostly are totally ignoring ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS.
- Having been speaking to many doctors, specialists and professors over the last 18 years, I had many discussions and found out that most are ignorant about these problems. Some have an open mind, but are afraid to come forward and try to work with me.
I have also found that even university professors (medical specialists) have not even heard anything about GEOPATHIC STRESS as yet!! This is SHOCKING !! Perhaps they are living in another world. It does not help to treat SYMPTOMS - that is equal to COSMETICS only. Many underlying problems are much more serious, but get TOTALLY IGNORED !!
I speak of 'The BLUNT TOOLS of Medical Science': http://geopathology-za.wikidot.com/blunt-tools